EuroPoker Features

Since the EuroPoker is the best online poker game on the net, there are a lot of useful tools and features that players can get and win during their playing sessions. With this in mind, the first feature that is one of the most important ones, is called deposit bonus options. There are six deposit bonus opportunities that are all different. A player chooses which one of these options is the best for him or her. There is a 60 days period of time in which a player can clear the bonus. The first option does not require a deposit. It rather allows you to become a member of a free VIP Club for the period of six months. The other five options range from 60 to 2500$. Each and every one has a specific incremented payout. That also means that each requires a different amount of player points, needed in order to collect it.

Post2aAll five of the bonus options will pay a 100% bonus of the deposited amount. This will provide a player with an opportunity to get the needed points in order to win the bonus across the time period of 60 days. The lowest bonus of 60$ gives a player nine points and a bonus, and it grows exponentially.

Player Points

When a player plays with real money, he gets EuroPoker player points. This usually happens when a player plays ring games and tournaments. A number of won points depends on many factors but the greatest one would be the strength of the opponents at the cash table. The better the players are at the table, the points will get earned at better rates than usual. The point was to make things more interesting by taking away the knowledge about what a player can get with the best hand. That is why the point rate is varying.

Post2bVIP Club Members

Every player that collects 500 player points is allowed to join the club. The monthly membership costs around 100 points and you get the chance to maintain your VIP status. Once you get your 500 points and VIP membership, a player will start receiving onePost2c VIP credit for each point. While a player can not cash in his points, VIP credits can be redeemed for cash or tournament tickets. In case that a player uses his points to clear a bonus, that is the only case when an exception is made and no VIP credits will be given to that player.

 Cash Back Bonus

When a player wants to cash in his VIP credits, the procedure is really simple. There is a chart where you can earn up to 40% cash back for sure.