EuroPoker Review

EuroPoker online game has been established in 2005. It is one of the best poker rooms that can be found on the net. Designed to be a really fast and good looking poker room, there are a lot of useful features and tools that a serious player can use to his advantage. The statistics and player notes are very easy to use and if you prefer Linux or Mac computers, you do not need to worry because this game works perfectly fine on those platforms. Just use the Java version and you will not need any of the additional installs. While the game runs, a player will be offered with great statistical analysis of theĀ  gaming performance. Two types of games are the main focus of the gaming traffic, Holdem and various tournament sections.

The most usual game would be short handed tables with five or six players. The case is that the rate is usually higher than industry standard. The aesthetics of the software were designed in such a manner to give a player nice feel at the first look. A fast e-mail customer service is always available and player notes are easily used and functional.

4 Different Bonuses Opportunity

post1aThere are four bonuses that are available to all the players. Refer a friend bonus starts with 20$ and it is the lowest one. Match bonus is 50% of everything that is on the table. Regular bonus is 100$ and Max Bonus is also 100$.

EuroPoker even gives rewards to the players. They can win some extra Euro Points for their participation in raked hands. These points can be further used in tournaments or to take advantage of other offered bonuses that are out there. It is very easy to arrange a tournament or a private game if it is desired. High stake players are usually more into private games especially when they want a regular game or just transfer some money around while playing it.

post1bNow, the real and the best feature is a 100% match bonus offering that goes up to 100$. In addition to all this, new members will get the opportunity to win a free tournament ticket that will give them a chance to win some real money and if they invite a friend, they can win an extra 40 bucks that will be added to their EuroPoker account with the addition of an extra 20$ for a friend as well.

All these amazing features make EuroPoker the number one online poker game. That is why, more and more people are getting into it, each and every single day. This is the best opportunity to try your luck with the oldest card game.